Silica brick is a type of acid refractory. Due to its advantages such as good volume stability and good creep resistance, it is used in the high-temperature parts of hot blast stove.



  1. Good volume stability and creep resistance at high temperature under load.
  2. Good thermal shock resistance above 600℃.
  3. Better corrosion resistance than fire clay brick and common high alumina brick.
  4. High thermal conductivity.



The silica brick can be widely used in coke oven, hot blast furnace, glass furnace and carbon furnace.

Item RGN-94
Refractoriness, ℃ 1700
CCS , MPa 110 ℃ after drying ≥ 1
1400 ℃ ×3h after sintered ≤ 3
Bonding time,min 1~2
Granularity,% +0.5mm ≤ 1
-0.074mm ≥ 60
Chemical component,% SiO2 ≥ 94
Fe2O3 ≤ 1
0.2MPa softening temperature under load, ℃ ≥ 1600


Silica Brick For Hot Blast Stove
Silica Brick For Hot Blast Stove