Moroccan guests visit Kerui Refractory Bricks Factory

With the company strength growing and constant innovation in the field of technology, KERUI group is rising more and more popular in refractory market, which attracts more and more foreign customers to visit our factory.


On March 16, 2019, our Moroccan customer came to our factory for production inspection. Our president, Mr. Wei warmly received the guest from afar on behalf of KERUI Group. 


Moroccan customer with our president, Mr. Wei and general manager, madam Yan


Moroccan customer visited our computer controlled batching workshop, refractory brick forming workshop, firing workshop, storage workshop and factory laboratory accompanied by our general manager madam Yan, foreign trade section manager, Mr. Zhang and foreign trade supervisor, Grace.


Foreign trade supervisor, Grace introduced our two 168 meters long high temperature

energy-saving environmental protection tunnel kilns to the Moroccan customer


The Moroccan customer had a pleasant conversation with foreign trade section manager, Mr. Zhang.


The Moroccan customer visited our 3000m² storage workshop.