How Is Quality Refractory Material Produced?

From nature to industry, from mineral raw material to refractory material, how is refined refractory material produced? In order to know this and to offer more professional and more accurate service for our clients, we began our study and visit on 22nd, May. All the employees from our sales dept., operation dept. of E-commerce center and financial dept. visited the heavy brick production factory, unshaped refractory material factory and heavy brick 1st branch factory of KERUI in refractory industrial area, Chaohua Town, Xinmi city under the leadership of Manager Ren of our technical dept.

At 9:00 a.m., more than twenty colleagues in three business cars set off and drove to KERUI general factory of heavy brick firstly. Under the leadership of Mr. Ren all the way, we learnt the whole production process of shaped refractory material.


Raw Material Storage-Full Automatic Batching Workshop:

From the procurement and warehousing of raw material, sorting, screening and grinding to the final proportion mixture, Mr. Ren explained the production craft and equipment performance of full-automatically integrative batching system in detail. Only one person is needed in the control center to finish one of the procedures of refractory production, preparation of raw material, at ease and with high quality according to preset working mode and material proportion plan.


Molding Workshop of Refractory Bricks:

We were shocked by the sound of “Duang, Duang” after arrival at the molding workshop of refractory bricks. There are 23 sets of 400-1000 tons CNC molding press machines work at the same time. The powder turned into adobes after being pressed by the press machine, and then adobes were molded into specific shapes under the molding of different molds. Mr. Ren said: “The molding of every refractory brick adobe must be tested and measured by QC, the unqualified ones would be eliminated directly and shouldn’t be put into next production process.”


Firing Workshop of Refractory Bricks:

When we stepped into the firing workshop, a strand of heat wave came to us. There were two ultra-high temperature environmental protection tunnel kilns equipped with microcomputer control system. Mr. Ren explained the whole structure, kiln car, the placement of refractory bricks of tunnel kiln and the firing temperature requirements for different products for us.


Trial and Test Center of Refractory Material:

 “A piece of good refractory brick is not only produced by good equipment and craft, but also tested for hundreds of times.”said by Mr. Ren when he was introducing the trial and test center of KERUI. In chemical analysis room, the sample of raw material was tested as soon as it arrived, the laboratory test of aluminum, silicon, ferrum, kalium and natrium, and test of apparent porosity, density, dipping and others were done here. In Physics laboratory, there are refractoriness test furnace (quadrihedron), high temperature reheating test furnace (1400/1500℃ for 3hrs), creep tester of high temperature softening with load, thermal shock resistance tester, cold crush press machine, etc. which offer sound technical strength for production.


Finished Products Workshop:

In finished products workshop, there are rows of refractory bricks placed orderly ready for packed into warehouse or transported. Mr. Ren answered to questions about specific bricks and encountered by our clients, which summarized this visit in our general factory of heavy bricks.


Unshaped Refractory Material Factory:

The production craft of unshaped refractory material is greatly different from that of the shaped one. Its requirement on raw material proportion is very severe. KERUI knows this well, so we start with equipment and craft to produce customized unshaped refractory material based on clients’ request under leadership of experienced technicians.


The 1st Branch Factory of Heavy Bricks:

The establishment of our 1st branch factory of heavy bricks is to meet clients’ order requirements, expand capacity and develop product types. We saw many industrial workmen and leaders who had devoted themselves into refractory industry for more than twenty years. We recognized what was insistence and what was craftsmanship spirit from them.