The refractory sales were very hot on March, which was the procurement section. On March 26, 2019, KERUI group welcomed Mr. Ng who became our 7th foreign customer on March and was also the third Malaysian customer to visit our factory. He has extensively professional experience in the refractory field.


The weather was very fine on 26th and Mr. Ng was picked up by us to our factory in the early morning. The visit was in the company of our chief technical officer, Mr. Hou, our production manager, Mr. Wei and our foreign trade supervisor, Grace who was the guide in the whole process.


Mr. Ng visited our raw material storage workshop first to deeply know about our products. All of our materials are come from powerful and secured suppliers and we have a domestic first-class computer controlled batching workshop, that’s why we have great advantage on material processing and selling.


Chief technical officer, Mr. Hou was introducing our raw material storage workshop to Mr. Ng.


After seeing 12 sets of 400 tons forming presses and 2 sets of 1000 tons forming presses working in our refractory brick forming workshop, Mr. Ng gave our factory great affirmation. He was also expressed after Mr. Hou introduced how we manage the production under the system of IOS9001-2015 international quality management.


Mr. Ng and Mr. Hou were discussing about specification of the customized bricks.


After that, they went to the refractory brick firing workshop where there are two 168 meters long high temperature energy-saving environmental protection tunnel kilns. The output of them can be as many as 200 tons per day.


Mr. Ng was observing the firing workshop.


At last, they went to the storage workshop which is the place for products storage, package and shipment. After carefully observing the surface, shape and color of bricks there, he spoke highly of our production process.


Mr Ng. made a professional evaluation on the brick.


Mr. Ng is one of the most powerful furnace materials suppliers in Malaysia and he’d like to get long-term cooperation with large and powerful manufacturers in China. After visiting several companies in China, Mr. Ng finally made his mind to choose KERUI as his partner and pre-signed a contract of 6 pieces of 20GP containers of refractory bricks.


Mr. Ng’s serious working attitude also had a positive impact on KERUI staff. We will adhere to rigorous, efficient and honest ways of working and provide more valuable service and higher quality products.