With the fast development and innovation in the field of technology, the domestic business of KERUI group is developing very fast. Meanwhile, the same situation happens to our foreign business, which attracts foreign customers to come to visit our factory.


On March 12, 2019, two Indian customers came to our company for business negotiation. We extended warm welcome to them and introduced our production base to them in the company of our general manager, madam Yan, foreign trade section manager, Mr. Zhang and chief technical officer, Mr. Hou.


Chief technical officer, Mr. Hou introduced our two 168 meters long

high temperature energy-saving environmental protection tunnel kilns


Indian customers visited our computer controlled batching workshop, refractory brick forming workshop, firing workshop, storage workshop and factory laboratory.


Indian customers inspected the unfired bricks which were going to get inside the tunnel kiln


Indian customers expressed that they were very satisfied with this visit and they were impressed with our quality workplace, an orderly fashion production process, strict quality control and advanced automation equipment and technology. They showed strong desire for further cooperation.


General manager, madam Yan had a conversation with

Indian customers about the specification of products


After this, they went to the meeting room and made in-depth exchanges about our company strength, trade planning and production customizations and sale. At last, both sides came up with a consensus on cooperating and developing together in the future.



Indian customers'visit strengthened the exchanges between KERUI group and foreign customers and laid a foundation for KERUI's long term development of foreign trade. With high quality products and honest attitude, we will constantly enlarge our foreign business scope on the development trend of internationalization.