Client nation: Thailand

Supply list: (439 ton in total)

Magnesia ferro-alumina spinel brick

Low thermal conductivity magnesia alumina spinel brick

Low thermal conductivity anti-stripping high alumina brick

Special fire clay brick

Shaped fire clay brick

Mullite insulating brick

Magnesia refractory mortar

Fire clay refractory mortar


 Construction of Refractories for Cement Rotary Kiln

We made clear about our client’s requirement at the first time after we received his inquiry, and then gave him our rational suggestion according to the actual using condition of the cement rotary kiln. Our client said: “KERUI’s solution is valuable for us to refer to, we trust Chinese market and are willing to cooperate with KERUI.”

The production of magnesia brick is more complicated compared with others. Its main composition is MgO, the main mineral constituents are periclase and spinel. The contents of some mineral constituents were adjusted according to our client’s requirements to realize good thermal stability, high refractoriness, high strength, strong alkali slag corrosion resistance and some adaptability to acid slag.

Currently, this project has been delivered and put into production, the whole set of refractory has been using continuously for eight months.